Before It Wriggles Away - A "Meet the Author" Book

A Meet the Author book (author studies)

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In an informal, enthusiastic voice, children’s poet Wong talks about her books and about writing poetry, just as she talks to kids in classrooms, libraries, and bookstores across the world, from her hometown Los Angeles to Singapore, Beijing, Hawaii, Washington, New York, and more. Part of the Meet the Authors series, the book’s spacious design includes lots of color photos on every double-page spread of Wong with her family and friends or alone with her laptop and snuggled up cozy with books. Then there are her prints of her rough drafts written on scraps of paper. Inspiring is the word here, precisely because first she is honest about having once been intimidated by poetry and then she tells how she writes different kinds of poems that sound like “regular talk,” whether about noodles, ladders, family, dogs, gardening, saber fencing, chess, or her favorite memories. Children will want to write their own stuff “before it wriggles away.” Rochman, Hazel

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