Pomelo Books

Pomelo? Think “big grapefruit.” Pomelo Books? Think “BIG poetry books!”

Our books are compilations of poems featuring the work of nearly 200 children’s poets. Our Poetry Friday anthologies are quite large—The Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations and The Poetry Friday Anthology for Science weigh as much as three pomelos! These books are, pound-for-pound, the best poetry deals around.

Goodness knows, there isn’t enough time in the day for all we need to teach and learn. How can we fit poetry in? We believe in “Poetry Plus”—poetry PLUS writing, poetry PLUS language arts mini-lessons, poetry PLUS curriculum connections for social studies and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), poetry PLUS mindfulness and movement, and poetry PLUS lots more fun!

And if you’re looking to supplement regular school with more language arts, our Poetry Friday Power Book series is perfect for learning at home. These books are interactive writing journals that tell a story in poems and contain pre-writing activities and writing prompts. PET CRAZY is for young pet lovers (ideally grades K-3); HERE WE GO is for intermediate grades (ideally grades 3 and up into middle school); and YOU JUST WAIT is for tweens and teens.

Why wait? Hop to it—and harness the power of poetry today!