If you’re booking me for a Zoom visit, school visit, conference, inservice, or corporate training event, please consider sharing this piece on diversity with your colleagues, “Alien Bunny Bots,” published in The Horn Book Magazine in Nov/Dec 2006. Here, too, is my “Before It Wriggles Away” teacher’s guide to print and share with your colleagues—and poems to share with your students!

Share Pocket Poems—All Year Long!

If your students love celebrating Poem In Your Pocket Day in April, why not have them carry poems in their pockets all year long? You (or their families) can print and share this sheet of Earth Day Pocket Poems with your students, in addition to a fun poem ABOUT the joy of carrying a poem in your pocket. Here, too, are some poems of comfort—”Look for Birds,” “Bear,” “I Listen” and “The News Can Be Scary“—that children might like to print and keep in their rooms.