Good Luck Gold

—Claremont Stone Center Recognition of Merit Award (author achievement award)

I wrote hundreds of poems from the time I started studying with Myra Cohn Livingston until the time I decided the Good Luck Gold manuscript was ready, and so I had many poems to choose from to fill the book. Trying to decide which of the hundreds stood out above the rest, or had special meaning for me, was a difficult task. Finally I settled on 59 poems.

Choosing the title poem was equally difficult. After much thought, I chose Good Luck Gold because I felt so lucky to be a poet! Luck plays an important role in traditional Chinese culture and, as my poem says, when I was a baby one month old, my grandparents gave me good luck gold – to bring me luck my whole life long.

from Good Luck Gold
by Janet Wong

Noodles for breakfast,
Noodles for lunch,
Noodles for dinner,
Noodles that crunch,
Noodles to twirl,
Noodles to slurp–
I could eat noodles
all day! Burp!

Copyright ©1994 by Janet S. Wong. All rights reserved.

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